There's a beautiful relationship between art and function, and I believe that the right combination of these tools can propel your business into the limelight, or sink it into the shadows. Websites, business cards, icons, marketing campaigns, stationary, logos... these are the components of your business that make your brand. That brand is an opportunity to have a personal spokesperson, and the quality of design in that brand gives them a voice. In today's culture, brands are transforming and the idea that one static brand will suffice is getting left behind. Your brand is a living part of your company, and as any living thing needs constant attention.
My name is Heather Chandler and I have an idea. An idea that small business owners could take an active role in the life of their brand, AND build client relationships without sacrificing an enormous amount of time or money. I believe in order to make my idea happen, it will need three things: organization, beauty, and functionality.

I studied business and art at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, and I always wondered why both were not required for a marketing degree. Does marketing work if no one looks at it? With a passion for art, I continued to study graphic design on my own through Adobe. When I became a Realtor in 2017, I created my first website. I would come to learn that there are numerous aspects to building a brand that works, and only a very small portion of it has to do with building the website itself. After years of study and research, in 2020, an idea was born. I started providing graphic and web design services for local developers, builders, real-estate agents, and interior designers. Using my experience as a Realtor gave me an insight to website and brand development that set my work apart. In 2021, I created oH nixy Design Studio, to help 
small business owners take an active role in the life of their brand, and build client relationships by combining a website, SEO, contact management, and marketing in one platform that is organized and easy use. If it's easy to learn and doesn't take too much time away from your actual work, it's something that anyone can do.